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I love this place! My family and I order from them so often that I have them saved as a contact! Their staff is always friendly and the food is delicious. Please support this amazing restaurant!

Lexi R.

We love Viet Pho! It’s a dream for anyone who is gluten free. We love the sesame and orange chicken dishes. The egg rolls are amazing!

Stephanie Wethington

This place is great. I go here at least once a month. The owner always remembers my wife and me. Even noticed when my wife received a haircut. Food is always great and meets my Gluten Free Allergy needs.

Randale Shinn

Great food! I really enjoyed their twist on a typical rice bowl where they replace the rice with a salad and top it with a nice layer of grilled meat. Their smoothies are a bit on the sweet side for my taste, but the fruit flavors are excellent. I had Lychee my first meal there and Passionfruit the next time. Staff is courteous and quick.

Damon Tighe